Mission Impossible

Mission ImpossibleCrack The Code

Welcome to the secret world of Espionage !

Each team will be named with a different countries secret service including MI6, The CIA and The KGB. The teams must complete a number of challenges throughout this 2 hour event scoring points as they go to become the hero’s of the night.

Intel Report

Your Mission should you choose to accept it:

Parachute in under the cover of darkness and then cross the border where danger awaits.
Your team will need to work together to create a code to guide you through the minefield.
Once thought the minefield you find a disused factory with a number of Plutonium Spheres’ that need to be disarmed and made safe.

You need to plan your escape across the sea and so you’ll need a boat !
Using your team you must design and build a sailing boat that can be either propelled by elastic bands or by the wind and then race your boat against the other teams.
Now that you’ve made your escape and traveling across the sea, disaster strikes and your boat catches fire and starts to sink !

You’ve managed to save 15 items, undamaged and intact after the fire, and so your next task is to rank the 15 items in order of importance to you.
Now that you’re back on dry land you must complete the quiz, collect the items requested in our scavenger hunt and crack the code to the digital safe that contains your new travel documents and your next mission !

Good luck everyone !!

Mission Impossible


6 - 300




UK Wide


2 Hours


What’s Included

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