Detective Project

The Detective ProjectCrime Scene Investigation

A body has been found at your chosen venue, the police have been called they need you to investigate !
With our CSI themed team building events, the teams will get to examine a crime scene and uncover the clues that will help solve the crime.
With forensic reports to examine and witnesses to interview, the clock is ticking to find the suspects !
Real forensic techniques will be learned and special CSI suits are provided for the analysis of the crime scene.
The Detective Project focuses on key learning objectives, such as presenting, listening, communicating, cohesion, observation, change management and attention to detail.
There is a role for every team member and they must work together to solve the crime.
Led by an experienced Murder Team Investigator, you will get an authentic experience of what CSI’s or Detectives actually do in the Golden Hour of investigation, then how they move the enquiry on to solve the crime.
So good luck everyone and let’s catch the killer before they strike again !

Crime Scene Investigation with Team Building Events


6 - 200




UK Wide


2 - 4 Hours


What’s Included

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