Virtual Race Night

Virtual Race Night

Invite your teams to join us in the very best Virtual Race Night, hosted by our professional lively host.

With real life Horse racing your teams will be able to bet through a fun money account via their own mobile device with an easy to use app, bringing a fresh, exciting & elegant betting platform, fully personalised by us prior to the event.

You can take advantage of the unique customisation features available for your race meeting. Title the event for full branding effect, sponsor each race, name horses with products, current promotions, or partner/company names. You tell us what you need and we’ll do the rest.

Our Virtual Race Night is one of our highly recommended experiences for reconnecting or re-energising remote working teams. Remote workers can come together online, form mini-teams to place their bets, and go for glory.

We thoroughly encourage participants to get dressed up for the big occasion and bring a little of their personality to the experience.

So for you next event why not join us for A Night at the Races!

Virtual Race Night


10 - 1000


Fun & Engaging




1 - 2 Hours


What’s Included

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